Friday, April 27, 2007

A Prayer to Share

I meet with a couple of guys from my work every Thursday morning for prayer. Last week (4/19), we prayed for a high school principal who has bone cancer of some sort. After a significant amount of attempted treatment, he has been sent home from the hospital to live however many days he has left, because there is nothing more that doctors can do for him at this stage of the disease. He is about the same age as my dad was when he died and has an 8 year old son, as well as a couple of grown children.

In the years between when my dad was diagnosed with lymphoma and when he passed away, I remember him saying how hyper-aware he had become of the little things in his life. Knowing how limited his remaining time was caused him to notice and appreciate everything so much more intensely. I am sure that the man we recently prayed for feels the same way.

So I am praying not only for the man whose life is being cut short, but also for me to purposefully enjoy and to be aware of the little things in life. To pay attention to life's details and not take them for granted. From moments spent with loved ones, to every little breath that I am still allowed to take. If I can truly look at life that way, then I think even difficult circumstances will be more bearable, feeling grateful for the chance to overcome them and looking forward to their hopeful conclusion.

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