Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Limited Laughter Lately

Yesterday, while I was waiting for my carpool buddy in front of our work building, I smiled when recalling the moment with Lucas again that I blogged about yesterday. Then I tried to remember before that, when the last time was that I really laughed heartily. When I drew a blank, I realized there are very few moments in my life now that I all-out laugh. Sure, Amanda and the kids illicit plenty of smiles and more than a decent amount of chuckles. But I very rarely laugh uncontrollably anymore.

Have I gotten too serious? Or does the stress in my life usually overcome the joy in it? Or have I just heard so many jokes and experienced enough of this world so that there is very little I see that takes me by surprise? Or do we not get out enough and/or spend time with other people to hear jokes and be surprised? Maybe I need to seek and encounter more comedy in my entertainment (books, movies, etc)? Or maybe I'm just a normal 35 year old? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcomed.

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I Eat Dentists said...

You my friend are a normal 35 year old. It is like anything else when you age, you get more and more immune to things you have experience time and time again. It just takes more to make you laugh. Also, adults are simply more serious too.

Then again, there are adults who are easily amused. We will leave that one alone.

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