Thursday, August 11, 2005


Yes, I call myself manly. I'm sure there are men that are more masculine than me, but I don't know any of them. I know men who are better at certain individual characteristics of manliness than myself (better fighters, more mechanically inclined, more guns, bigger muscles, etc.), but I don't know anyone else that encompasses all of these traits combined, to the extent that I can say that I am proficient. So since I'm the manliest man (who is also a Christian) that I know, I'll adhere to the title without reserve.

Cars: I have always enjoyed and appreciated motor vehicles. My personal preference are vehicles that performs well on the street, applying as many g's in all directions (in 2d please) as possible. I have owned a 77 Camaro, a Dodge Daytona, a 87 Buick Grand National, and currently a 91 Nissan 300ZX (non-turbo). All of my cars, except for the GN, have had manual trannys. I have always done most of the work to my cars myself. For my current car, I have replaced the clutch, installed aftermarket intake and exhaust headers, and I'm currently working on installing larger fuel injectors which will be followed by a higher performance ECU, and eventually Nitrous.

Computers: I prefer to build and maintain my own computers. I occasionally use my primary machine for gaming, but usually for email, internet access, working on my web page, burning CDs and DVDs, and typical office applications. I would like to game more often, but just don't have the time. While I haven't put together a fully functional Linux server, it's on my to-do list. At least I have several computers that I could use for the task.

Keyboards: I took piano lessons as a kid and sometimes (on and off) try to practice it and pick it up again. I hope to someday be proficient at it and be able to contribute to the worship team at my church in this regard. I think the guitar or drums are more manly instruments, but my parents led me in this direction as a kid, so there you go.

Kickboxing/Martial Arts: I have been officially trained in kickboxing for about a year, on and off. I also occasionally attend a local karate gym called Marinobles, where I can absorb a kickboxing or MMA lesson. But with 2 kids and a full-time job, not to mention a marital relationship to nurture, I only am able to spare a visit there once every few months. Aside from that I have just sparred with friends and I sometimes beat on a heavy bag . I am a big fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) and love to watch PrideFC, K-1, and UFC competitions.

Christianity: As the title of my blog implies, I am a Christian. This is actually the first and foremost most important part of my identity.
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