Monday, April 09, 2007

Cake Kick

I have been listening to my mp3 CDs at work, starting with #1 (which is from 2001 or older) and proceeding through them chronologically (I have 24 total). In doing so, I came across a band that I haven't listened to in a while - Cake!

They are a Sacramento-based band that most people haven't heard of, even though they probably would recognize some of their numerous hits if they heard them. Amanda and I even saw them in concert, many years ago in Florida.

I have been singing various tunes of theirs for several days now - while driving Amanda crazy in the process. The current one that has been stuck in my head all day today is Frank Sinatra (link to mp3).

An old man sits collecting stamps,
in a room all filled with Chinese lamps.
He saves what others throw awaaay.
He says that he'll be rich someday.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Alright, your new Cake addiction wore off on me. I was grooving to the best of cd that you made in the car today and heard some new ones to me. I really liked the one that went something like "she's no go for you." That was fun and quite catchy. I LOVE their witty lyrics.

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