Tuesday, April 03, 2007


As of Sunday, my car is finally legitimately registered again!

Big deal you say? Well, because I live in California and have a 16 year old vehicle with high (128k+) miles, I have been going through the following process since October of last year:
  1. Smog test the vehicle - fail test
  2. Performing some routine maintenance with the hopes that it would help.
  3. Have vehicle retested - fail test again.
  4. Go to the DMV to ask for an extension - granted until end of March, pay late fees.
  5. Take it to a shop for repairing - they refused to touch it until I replaced some of the aftermarket parts I installed with CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified ones.
  6. Ordering some new CARB approved aftermarket parts to replace the ones I previously installed (at the time that I installed them I had no clue that this would be a problem).
  7. Take it to a different shop for repairing - finally passed the freakin' smog tests!
  8. Call the DMV and have them send me a new sticker.
  9. Receive and install the new registration sticker - 6 months after starting the reregistration effort.
Now that that (those double words always seem wrong to me) wretched process is behind me, I don't have to worry about going through it for another 1.5 years - glorious!

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Glad that you are all legal again and not a fugitive on the roadways.

How awesome that you finally passed smog!! What a pain in the neck that was.

P.S. I still like your blog:).

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