Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Laughing With Lucas

Sunday afternoon, I was holding my son Lucas while we were going through our normal routine of praying and singing before bed (a nap in this case). Instead of resting his head on my shoulder like he normally does though, he put his face right next to mine and was just smiling really big.

When I turned in his direction, all I could see were his big eyes and smiling face just barely inches from mine. I paused and smiled back at him, then he put his head on my shoulder. A few seconds later I looked to my right and there he was again, smiling and staring at me before we both chuckled and turned away. The next time he did it he kept his head a little bit lower, so that I could only see his big brown eyes when I turned in his direction. It was so darned precious and playful that I couldn't help just cracking up, which made him bury his head into my shoulder and crack up laughing too. It was a really sweet moment.

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