Friday, April 06, 2007

I Hate Hate Laws!

Hate laws (crimes and speech) are sickening displays of our authorities abusing their power.

They punish people based on what they were saying, thinking, or feeling, instead of basing it on their actions only. Additionally, they are giving preferential treatment to the victim of a crime or the recipient of a verbal statement based on race, gender, sexual preference, etc.

Some annoying examples are below:

That's so gay!

From Florida.

NY too!

Not sure how I feel about this one.


Anonymous said...

Why automatically gravitate toward bigotry by default just because it is supposed to be the "conservative christian" sort of position to take? Think outside the box, man. Think for yourself. A victim of a hate crime has more rights than the perpetrator, and these particular crimes occur with HATE as the sole motivation, because they single out specific people on purpose based on their race, gender, sexuality, social group, etc. Since when did hatred become a "family value?"

michael said...


Think for myself? I would say that the very large majority of people are actually in favor of these laws. Think for myself? The only thing that you are basing your suggestion on is that my thoughts are different than yours. So let me get this straight - if I think like you then I am thinking for myself? What sense does that make?

"A victim of a hate crime has more rights than the perpetrator". I'm sure there is a point there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Are you saying that a victim has more rights than a criminal, but only if the victim was hated while the crime was being committed?

Why should one person have more rights than another just because they're different? I am taller than most men, so if a short guy attacks me, how do I know that he's not jealous and "hating" my height. Therefore he should be punished more severely than someone who is as tall as me. What if they are a minority who hates "whitey" and decides to attack me? Do they get prosecuted more severely than another white guy would?

If I desire freedom from government persecution of my thoughts, then you are saying that makes me a bigot by default? If I want to defend people's freedom to think or feel what they want, then somehow I have a deep hatred for everyone?

It's simple - if someone commits a crime, he should be charged and processed equally as the man standing next to him who committed the same crime. Wouldn't you agree that a black man should not receive a harsher punishment than a white man just because of his color? Or wouldn't you agree that a gay man should not get a stiffer sentence than a straight man?

So why can you not take the same position for the victim? Why should one man receive more justice than the man standing next to him, just because of his race, gender, sexuality, social group, etc.

Either you think all men should be treated equally, or you don't. It really is that simple.

Or, you could just play on people's emotions by calling them names, pointing fingers, and making accusations. That way you can just avoid thinking and logic altogether.

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