Saturday, December 30, 2006

You're In My Thoughts

A while ago, we received an email giving us well wishes from some atheist friends of Amanda's. They closed it by stating:

"Your family is in my thoughts."

I appreciate that and all, but then on second thought who gives a crap. I know that may sound mean, but honestly what good does that do me? That's like going into a restaurant and on your way in telling a homeless guy out front that "I'll skip dessert for you." Nice gesture though it may be, it certainly doesn't help him in any way.

As a Christian, when I tell someone "you're in my prayers", there's a whole lot more to it than just saying that I'm thinking about you. The purpose of that statement is to let them know that I am praying to God and taking action for them. I'm actually doing something in an attempt to help their situation. To continue on with the homeless guy metaphor, I'm actually throwing him some change, or maybe even some big bills, depending on how God answers my prayer.

To all atheists, for future reference: I don't mind if you don't believe in God - that's between you and Him. But please don't try to mimic and modify Christian statements, well wishes, songs, traditions, etc. by adding your own dumb godless twist to it.


Anonymous said...

I think that person, regardless of their spiritual (or lack of) beliefs, could have been sincere. To be honest, I get plain fed up with "Have a Blessed Day" or "God Bless" or "You're In My Prayers". Also, those he thank or praise God for what every happens to you (they don't give people, science or anything else any credit). It's kind of like they're cramming their beliefs down my throat whether I want it or not.

karin said...

I love reading your posts. they are so i dig it.

and, i agree with you on this one.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Dear Anonymous,

I will pray for you!

Seriously, though, thanks for presenting the other side of the coin. Perhaps we forget what it was like to be annoyed by the overly religious.

Would you honestly rather be thought about or prayed for?

Me, I'll take the prayer any day.

I am sure that the "you are in my thoughts" comment was just as sincere as someone saying that they will pray for me.

Jen R/ Travis R said...

Thank you for this post. I, too, agree. Sorry, that I can't expound, like I want to, gotta run.

michael said...

Good comment anonymous. I hear you. People giving credit to God for every little thing can be annoying to me too, to some extent. I believe that people make their own decisions (which can be influenced by God though), and that science is real and we humans should learn as much as possible about it and the design of everything physical (which God created though). I personally think that there is a balance where both sides of the issues can co-exist.

I try (sometimes passion gets the best of me) not to drill my beliefs down people's throats, unless the topic of God or religion arises. But inserting little occasional comments (saying this or that is a blessing, saying we're praying about some life problem, etc) isn't intentional, it's just part of my normal everyday thinking and therefore also my dialog. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I see the other side, as well. Religion (or lack of) is just one of those things that you will rarely change or convert somebody about. We should all feel so fortunate to live in a society where we can all (yes, even die hard christians) be free thinkers and make are own spiritual decisions without any governmental interference. Hats off to you, Michael, for holding true to your beliefs but at the same time not being unyielding to those with differing opinions.

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