Friday, December 15, 2006

Definitely NOT Sexy

A recent Reuters article reported that Italy is banning skinny models. The picture on the right is from the article.

How on earth did it get to the point that the government needs to intervene to prevent these girls from harming their own health in order to succeed in the modeling industry?

I guess what I'm really asking is how did being so skinny even enable them to succeed? Because in order to succeed I would think that the public that's viewing them would need to actually find them attractive. So then, do the majority of people really find these bag of antlers (a term often used in FARK) attractive?

Back in my dating days, when I actually had girl friends, the majority of them said that they generally prefer a man's body that's athletic and fit over either a big beefcake bodybuilder or a skinny waif of a man.

I would think the same would generally be true with men and their preferences with the female physique. It certainly is for me anyway. Fleshy and fit, curvy yet muscular. Not the kind of curves that are undefined and flabby flesh. Nor skinny and bony, lacking curves altogether.

So why does the modeling industry continually prefer and promote the nasty, shapeless, eating disorder females that have bodies resembling little girls at best and skeletons at worst?


I Eat Dentists said...

Unfortunately it sounds like you are describing your ideal woman. I like skinny women, but NOT anorexic looking. I don't really mind a little fat, but anything that looses the shape of a woman looses appeal to me exponentially with increasing fat content. My idea woman has very little fat on her body. I don't like muscular women, but in shape is good. I hear a lot of people say that in order to be skinny you have to starve yourself, but I think that is just a justification for women who are over-weight. Some guys like fat chicks. I know a lot of "skinny" women who eat just fine and are happy. Unfortunately the health issues come with the women who are naturally bigger, but have to starve themselves to look like the ones that don't. That is unfortunate. For me, I strive to accept people of any size, but of course the rules change when they are your mate. The only exception to the fat rules are pregnancy. Let me conclude with saying that a woman has to be pretty big to be considered fat by me, it is just that my definition of "very sexy" leans towards the "skinny", but I have a pretty wide margin for "just sexy". In general, I don't like the government controlling anything, but it is also sad that the problem exists to where they feel they have to.

Jen R/ Travis R said...

Now guys, women (and men) have been bombarded on this issue for many years (decades, really)that skinny = beautiful. It really is hard to avoid and has shaped our way of thinking that no fat on a woman's bodies is acceptable and also gives men a 'standard' of what is sexy. Men are visual beings and regardless of what they think, genetics plays a HUGE role in what body type a woman has. However, I am not saying that a woman should just resign herself or give up in taking care of her body and blame it all on bad genetics. We are to take care of the bodies that God has given us. Personally, I am happy about the skinny model ban, but it's gonna be an uphill battle trying to change our perception of what is beautiful.

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