Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MMA Fans Rejoice!

Two of my favorite MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters are coming to the states!!

Quinton Jackson (picture on left) is an incredibly powerful slugger and slammer in the ring. He has previously beaten the current UFC light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell. Outside the ring, he has a charismatic persona and is a ghetto mouth thug (I saw videos of him back then) turned devoted Christian (in 2004).

Mirko Filopovich (picture on right) is a heavyweight kickboxer-turned-mixed martial artist from Croatia. His primary style is of course striking, and his most famous move is an powerful left high kick.

Well, both were recently acquired by the UFC. While I have watched both of them fight for PrideFC (an MMA organization in Japan), I have a hard time justifying the expensive pay-per-view in order to watch the events. The UFC, however, is broadcast at numerous local bars where all I have to pay for is drinks and food (if necessary). So I will finally get to see them hopefully sweep through the ranks of the UFC on their way to the top of their weight classes!

On a slightly different note, has anyone heard of "Iron" Mike Zambidis? If not, then check out this awesome highlight video of the Greek kickboxer. At only 5'6" tall, the man is incredibly fast, effective and powerful. Quite impressive indeed.

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