Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Past , Present, and Future Flicks

A couple of weeks ago my co-workers and I were talking about western themed movies, so at their advice I rented Silverado. The cast was stellar, and while I didn't think it was quite as good as Tombstone or Unforgiven, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Those were definitely the days of manly men, guns, bar fights, etc. In all honesty, the violence and lawlessness of the time period was probably a little overkill, literally. But it's still fun to occasionally go back in time to the days of horses, firearms, heroes, chivalry, and majestic scenery. Now, I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but I'm guessing that it just might be the exception to the rule.

One of my good friends recently rented Superman Returns. I haven't seen it yet myself, but after reading his review/commentary about it, I'm not so sure that I want to bother with it. Check out what Brian wrote here.

Has anyone heard about the new movie coming out called RedLine? If not, then check out the trailer here. I don't know how good the plot will be, but any movie that has all of the supercars that are shown in the trailer driving at the peak of their limits will be well worth the price of admission to me. The cars are much better and the plot can't be much worse than The Fast and The Furious series, and I enjoyed those two movies quite a bit.


I Eat Dentists said...

Ah, movie talk, my type of game. Katrina and I haven't actually watched a movie in about 8 months, so I am sort of out of the loop on some stuff.

Westerns... Yeah, Unforgiven is unquestionably the best western ever, but that is because it is more focused on a theme than plot and shooting people (which is a side effect of the theme). Basically that the line between good men and bad men is gray, and their motivation for their sins whether good or bad does not justify the sins, etc.

Silverado was fun, nothing deep, but purely a good vs bad shoot-em-up. Tombstone, I really like that movie but it is pretty much pure shoot-em-up with an interesting plot. Both of these movies though are not as enjoyable years later as they were then, where as Unforgiven is timeless due to its deepness and theme. I think when considering westerns, you have to throw in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly to this. Agruably the best shoot-em-up movie ever. I personally don't like John Wayne, but I think you have to put some of his movies in that catagory.

Haven't seen the new Superman, but probably will. I loved Batman returns, and is second on my favorite superhero movies next to Spiderman 2. Spidy 2 was the perfect action movie for me. It had all the stuff that makes a movie good, hero doing awesome things and being humble about it, he goes through an "I'm quiting" phase, very interesting love sub-plot, the best villan ever, incredible effects, non-stop action, great ending, etc. Loved it. I enjoy the xmen series, but they are not my favorites. Besides the first Batman and Spidy 1, the rest of the superhero movies have been pretty bad.

I Eat Dentists said...

sorry, I meant BATMAN BEGINS.

michael said...

I must agree about Batman Begins. It's probably my favorite superhero movie of all time. It was a very plausible way to present him and his creation as a character.

Spiderman 2 was also very good.

The fun thing about the X-men series is the variety of characters and different strengths/powers. Then everyone contributes their own abilities while working together to accomplish the same thing or overcome the same enemy.

That reminds me, why the heck did they make Mission Impossible into a one-man show? Wasn't the original appeal of that show the idea of multiple people, each with a different specialty, working together to accomplish a specific mission?

I Eat Dentists said...

Thats because that lame arse, alien loving, psychology expert, freak boy Tom can't work with anyone else, or actually nobody can stomach him or his crap. I think he has Katie on some sort of brainwash drug. How could anyone believe in something that was created by a science fiction writer over a bet? "Hey man, I bet you I can create some wacko stupid religion, and there are people stupid enough out there to actually believe in it." "No way, people are not that stupid. I'll take that bet." Well, obviously there are people that stupid.

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