Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh the Horror!!

A new movie is coming out this Christmas, called Black Christmas. My atheist co-worker said that he thought it was tasteless and knowing that I am an outspoken Christian, asked if it outraged me.

I know it offends many other Christians, but I had to be honest in saying that I really don't care. While a scary movie on Christmas isn't my cup of tea, why should I care if it's the way some people want to spend their evening? If people want to go watch a scary movie on Christmas then that's up to them. It doesn't affect me or my belief at all.

What would outrage me about it is if the movie has a character that's portrayed as a Christian, but he's a psycho who quotes Bible verses while he's slashing people's throats. Or what about movies of other genres that have characters in them who are Christians, but they're obviously stupid, crazy, incredibly annoying, or even harmful to the main character's plight. And I would venture to say that in most mainstream movies Christians are portrayed that way. Now that's offensive to me.

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I Eat Dentists said...

Christians are portrayed poorly in movies, TV, the new, the world, everywhere. Why? Because it is the truth. The bible is very clear about the persecution of Christians for many reasons. Of course I think that some of it has to do with Christians being stupid, but they are in the minority, and unfortunately 1 incident of somebody "associated" with anything Christian is singled out and painted as a freak (lumping in all Christians) with them.

So, I am not offended by this or anything really. I expect it. It is part of the gig. I don't like it, but it will get much worse eventually.

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