Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A New New Years Tradition

The picture above is from an awesome New Years Eve party that Amanda and I threw back in 2002-2003 (you can see more pictures here).

Of course, our New Years party days are all but through since having children. Last year we had a few people over, but they dispatched around 9-10pm to get their own kids to bed and for the same reason that we rarely stay up past 11pm - because children are an unpredictable alarm clock that cannot be turned off. Our kids generally get up sometime between 5:30am and 7:30am.

While we didn't do anything on New Years Eve this year, we did meet our good friends, the Walkers, for breakfast on January 1st at the Pacific Street Cafe (the picture below was taken after eating). I got to thinking though - why not have a New Years Day breakfast party, instead of a New Years Eve party?

Our friends could come over at a reasonable hour (8-9am perhaps), bring a breakfast dish, I can make a bathtub worth of coffee, and perhaps we can even pray and/or worship together. It's celebrating the beginning of the new year together, instead of the end of the old year. Maybe it's the perfect solution for folks like us - married with children who still want to get together with people to celebrate and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Great Idea!

I may want to start doing this myself. It is perfect for us in this stage of life.

Mom is over celebrating her birthday with us! We've had a wonderful evening. Mom says, she knows you meant well but you never did send her a card or call ; )

What kind of a first born son are you anyway? LOL

- Caryn

michael said...

Well I feel like a big heel. I totally forgot about it.

I did end up calling her the next day and talking for a while though.

Thanks Caryn.

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