Sunday, January 06, 2008

Merry Christmas, Pituey

I've noticed a rather gross habit that I have been exhibiting lately, but it's not really my fault and I'm not sure that there's anything I can do about it.

When paying for items that I'm purchasing with cash, which happens a lot when traveling (to Florida) and/or for the holidays (shopping more), I have been licking my fingers before handing my bills to the cashiers.

I realize it as soon as I've done it and yes, I have noticed many cashiers handle as small a portion of my money as possible. I think I've also noticed several grossed out expressions on their faces.

But my the skin of my fingers has been dry lately and my money is stuck together - so what, exactly, can I do? Stop and ask them for a wet sponge that I can dab my fingers on? Ask them if they can spare some hand lotion? Hand them my stack of bills and tell them which ones I want to actually pay them with and for them to hand me back the others? Or stand there with my dry fingers for as many agonizing minutes as it takes to finally get traction on the freakin' bills, while the line behind me grows in size and impatience?

While the act of deliberately sticking my slobbery tongue out of my mouth and running my forefinger down it before passing a now damp greenback over the counter is somewhat humiliating, none of the solutions sound marginally appealing either. Shrug.


B. Hall said...

Hi Mike....I stumbled upon your blog when I sent Amanda an e-mail. That was a fantastic picture of the family on your Christmas card.
BTW, relative to your posting, have you thought about using one of those rubber thimble thingys????

Brandi Hall

Kentucky Kate said...

OOoooooo, gross!!!!!!! :)

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