Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Election Suggestions and Observations

Well, this year's presidential election (at least the primaries at this point) are starting to look a lot like the recently completed college football season - completely unpredictable.


Does it say somewhere in the Constitution that the job of our government is to manage sports organizations? If not, then why on earth is Congress involved in monitoring baseball and the usage of steroids by its players?


The more reasons I hear of why people have chosen one particular opponent over another, the more I agree with the idea that there should be some limitations or requirements as to who can vote. I'm not the first to suggest this. In fact, there are plenty of forums filled with people discussing this idea. But I'm going to go ahead and vent about it here anyway.

I read that one woman voted for John Edwards in the primaries because she "liked his hair". I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I voted for Bill Clinton back in 1993 because of his charisma and even more (and ashamedly) so because I saw a picture of him that reminded me of myself a little. I admittedly knew nothing about politics at the time, but I was of legal age to vote. So ignorant as I was, to the voting booth I went.

Today, I make an effort to be much more informed, and I can usually defend my opinion if someone asks about or disagrees with it. But the issue isn't whether another voter agrees with me or not, it's that they are marginally informed and can state why he or she is voting for their candidate.

For example, my car pool buddy and I are completely polar opposites politically. We've had many lively discussions about what we think and why. But I completely support him voting, because he has demonstrated the fact that he is well informed.

In fact, I would honestly prefer that my candidate lose and have all of the votes be cast by people who have a rational and educated opinion than to win due to uninformed people voting based on someone's looks, popularity, home state, theme song, etc.

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