Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Update - 1/30/09

Weekends are so fleeting, as are most pleasant memories for that matter. So if it's an especially good couple of days then I'm going to blog about it, mainly as an assistance for remembrance.

Highlights from the weekend of 1/30/09 are:
  • Lucas' pre-school periodically has a family movie night in their gymnasium. They showed "Finding Nemo" on Friday. Michael O'Brien and his daughter Omara joined us too.

  • Saturday night was UFC94 - featuring Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn.

    When we got to our usual sports bar though, there was only 1 tiny table left, and the view from it sucked (it was right under a high-mounted TV). Sure there were still plenty of seats, but the tables were all reserved by a few people at each one.

    Michael's friend called and told him that another small bar, Diamond Plate, was showing the fights too, so we went to check it out. The $5 cover sucked, and there were no more tables for 4 there either. But the door man noticed two tiny tables in crummy locations (in the corner and by the door), so he offered to move them and put them together in front of one of the TVs.

    So we ended up right in front of a high-def TV, all sitting on the same side of two tables. It felt like VIP seating, especially since everyone else who was watching that particular screen was behind us. The food wasn't quite as good as Mandango's, but it was still quite satisfactory.

    Oh yeah, and the fights were great too. GSP was dominant and Lyoto Machida had a great KO. The rest were all decisions, but good fights too.

  • Sunday was Superbowl 43. Our good friends, the Hughes family came over to hang out, eat dinner, and maybe watch the game a little too. It was really nice to see them and spend time with them again, the first time since they moved back here to Sacramento.

    For dinner, I grilled Salmon while Amanda made yellow rice, asparagus, and cake for both dessert and as a celebration for our roommate's birthday. And that was some really good salmon, let me tell you. Everyone, including the kids, enjoyed the meal tremendously.

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