Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting Girly for God

I help out with the middle school group, called Apex, at our church. Last Tuesday evening we were going to talk about relationships. So the woman who runs the children's ministry, Liz, had the idea that we could dress as the opposite gender and talk to the kids jokingly about what we're looking for in a boyfriend/girlfriend, but from a decidedly non-Christian (although still clean) perspective.

I actually had forgotten all about the idea until the Monday night before. Thankfully, Amanda helped put together my attire. Although she's only 5'4" (at best) and I'm 6', she had a maternity dress that was actually long enough for me to use! Sure, it was a little tight in the shoulders, but it worked. Add a few accessories, and viola! As you can see by the pictures below, I make a very ugly woman. However, I am thinking that this is a good thing.

Liz was L-dog. And I was Sophia (another woman who helps out with the kids picked the name, so I went with it).

Seeing the middle school kids' reaction was pretty funny. But seeing my kids' reaction was even better. They were eating dinner when I came downstairs in my female attire. I immediately assured them that it was a joke and only temporary. And after I left to go to church, they were laughing and told Amanda that "Daddy's funny".

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Nice chest hair. I hate it when mine shows like that;-). Your shoes don't match either. Sheesh!

How amazing that we could pull that off with my stuff. Good thing that I am pregnant.

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