Monday, March 31, 2008

Unintentional Entertainment

Emily's vocabulary is still pretty limited, but for some reason last night at dinner she was saying "hi boy" (with boy pronounced more like "buoy"). So Lucas imitated her, then I responded to her next time by saying "hi girl".

Soon, we were all going around the table saying this to each other, when someone (I think it was Lucas) suggested that we all do it at the same time. "One, two, three - HI, BOY!" at the top of our lungs. Then "One, two, three - HI, GIRL!". Emily was laughing. Lucas was laughing. We all were having silly fun.

Next thing you know, adjectives are being inserted. Pretty girl. Then poopy boy. Then "One, two, three - PRETTY POOPY!" as loud as we can. Eruption of laughter from all. Eventually though, we had to settle down and start getting the kids ready for bedtime.

Later that evening, I was locking up the house and turning off the lights before bed when I realized the temperature was unusually cool downstairs. Lo and behold the front window had been left opened (by me, I might add) since the morning.

My stomach dropped a bit and I shook my head and sighed. We had inadvertently been entertaining our whole neighborhood for dinner.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Humiliating, but pretty stinkin' (not pretty poopy) funny. Probably all families do stuff like this, right? right??

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