Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Print Provides Persuasive (although unpleasant) Proof

I spoke with my brother on the phone for a decent amount of time this evening. Somehow in the conversation, the topic of a web site came up that I go to daily to pray for the people in the stories, and how I find some of these stories (such as this one) good examples of how evil can directly influence people, as they are just too horrible to stem from anything else, in my opinion.

Then I remembered another article. It's one that I read a long time ago, and is the single most convincing story of demonic influence, and of evil transitioning itself from the supernatural into the physical realm, that I have ever read.

Granted, I have heard some freaky stories of both demonic battles from overseas missionaries and from pastors who have seen a direct influence of demons on people or on the physical world that we live in. But hearing stories and reading an article by a legitimate news source are two entirely different things.

So here is the article.

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