Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Matt Has Left the Building

Our roommate Matt has moved out and moved on. Three other guys at his church, that are also his age, invited him to live with them and he accepted. I'm actually really happy for him. I think he'll have a much more rewarding and memorable time at this stage of his life by living with other guys his age, especially if they are Christians too.

Now we have to figure out what is next for our living arrangements and our budget. We may look for another tenant, but that's a difficult process at best and a nightmare at worst. With two young children, it has to be someone that we can trust. Matt was referred to us by our missionary friends, we checked his references, met his parents, and even still we were a little precautionary at first. In addition, while Matt was an awesome roommate, it is nice to have the house completely to ourselves again.

Another option is for Amanda to get a part time job a couple nights a week and/or maybe one day of the weekend. But where at, how much will it really pay (after taxes and gas), and will Amanda go completely bat shiat crazy by trying to fit work into her already busy schedule?

Or we can tithe less, cut our budget further, hope for a big raise and/or reduce our contributions to retirement savings. These are completely undesirable though and may take all of the above to make a big enough difference. Things to think and pray about for sure.

As a side note: I will definitely miss having the sport bikes in the garage, especially since he let me ride them.:-)

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Kentucky Kate said...

Bummer. It seems like money is a really hard thing to handle. I can't say we always do the best with it, but we are working to excell at it as the years pass. There is a guy that we really like named Dave Ramsey - you might want to check out his book, radio show or website. I haven't read the book, but I listen to the show while I'm cleaning and it gives me some great Christian, practical approach to money.

Also, I'm sure Amanda is already busy, but I've been able to make extra cash here and there cleaning houses. She might want to start a little side business doing that. I charge $20 an hour and I'm sure you could make up the rent if she took the kiddos with her and worked one day a week.

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