Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pictures that Persuade Poorly

I was browsing the "Housing Wanted" ads on Craigslist, looking for an ad to really stand out as a potential match for us as a roommate, when I came across two ads that made me crack up. They're linked below:



What are these guys trying to do - intimidate any prospective roommates? Or maybe seduce them? Because they sure don't look like anyone I would want to talk to, hang out with, or heaven forbid live with. Learn how to smile guys.

Then there's this one that's "420 friendly" (smokes pot) and absolutely cannot speak/type proper English, despite the fact that he looks completely white American.

I'm not trying to be mean or make fun of people. I just found them a bit amusing and am noticing that a good roommate is hard to find.

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