Monday, January 19, 2009

The State of the City

The real estate market slump continues. And according to Yahoo finance, 8 of the 10 worst expected markets for 2009 are in California. Sacramento is #5 on the list.

I know this isn't uncommon these days, but our house is worth about 100k less than what we owe on it. That's a bummer for sure, especially since it eliminates any option to refinance, which would allow us to take advantage of the historically low interest rates.


The good news though, is that Sacramento ranks #19 of Men's Fitness' top 25 fittest cities in America.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Maybe we are fit because we can't afford cars and have to walk or bike everywhere? I'd rather put on a few and not be $100K in the hole on our house. Ugh.

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