Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hurry Up Tomorrow!

No, I'm not anxious about the future. I'm just practicing what it will be like when we are calling for our new child. Because I've decided that we're going to name him or her "Tomorrow".

Kind of catchy, don't you think? - Tomorrow Lomonaco - it even rhymes!

And think about what fun it will be to sing the Annie song -
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, Tomorrow.

There are many other awesome phrases that are fun to apply to this name, such as
I'm really looking forward to seeing you Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my best friend.
Let's go play outside Tomorrow.
You look great Tomorrow!
Tomorrow is going to be late.

Give me some more fun phrases in the comments, if you think of any.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

I DO NOT support this name choice! You are on your own, bubs. Maybe it could be a nickname?

Kentucky Kate said...

Oh thank goodness. I wasn't going to comment because I thought you were seriously naming your baby Tomorrow. That said:
-Tomorrow is looking bright

Anonymous said...

"i am sure that the wife isn't going to clear that one...and...from a teacher's perspective...kind of hard to spell for a little one in Kindergarten...not to mention the teasing...sorry to burst your bubble michael."


Anonymous said...

How about don't worry about Tomorrow, for Tomorrow will take care of itself.


Anonymous said...

Well...I for one can't wait till Tomorrow is here :)


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is a great name! .... that is unless you consider the biblical verse that would probably depress your poor little girl one day Matthew 6:34.


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