Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

When debating or discussing a topic, the goal isn't (or shouldn't be) to prove that you are right or wrong, especially since it's so unlikely that either side is going to change anyway. The goal is only for both parties to see and understand each other's side of the issue. If any fluctuations from original opinions do occur then it is just an added bonus.


I have two speeds when getting ready in the morning (for work, church, etc)- slow and panic.

For some reason I always have this distorted view of how much time I have left to get ready. I look at the clock and say to myself "Oh, I still have twenty minutes. That's plenty of time to brush my teeth, shave, get dressed, pour my coffee, pluck my nose hairs, etc." Then at two minutes before I know I'm supposed to be out the door I am thinking "HOLY CRAP! I'M RUNNING LATE AGAIN! DAMNIT!" and running around like a madman.

Since I am aware of this retardation, you would think that I would simply correct for it and get on with my life. But while some days are better than others, it is for the most part a continuously reoccurring scenario.


When observing someone doing something risky, there are two types of people:
1) Those that say "What an idiot! He could hurt himself and/or others."
2) Those that say "That's awesome! I want to try it!"

I am usually in the latter group.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Nice new look.

Your thoughts are dumb.

Just kidding.

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