Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Memorial Day Hike

On Memorial Day, we went for a hike to a nearby lake. Since the path wasn't paved (otherwise it wouldn't really be a hike, would it?), it was a bit of a challenge with the double jogging stroller. Some of the trail was even meant for people to walk in single file, so I had to roll the front wheel of the jogger on the path, and let the two back wheels roll in the grass on either side of it.

We walked for a couple of miles total. While it was a bit bumpy for the kids (especially with all of the rocks), and a bit tiresome pushing them, we all survived and it felt good to enjoy the great outdoors.

Below is a cute video of the kids throwing rocks into the lake, where we stopped for lunch halfway.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

I don't care what anyone says...you have an amazing family. Just look at them. Especially that hottie wife!! WOW!

Kelli K Bock said...

seems like ya'll have lots of fun...your kids are going to have great memories and stories to tell

running shoes said...

hahahaha... I LOVE the part when amanda says, "hey bud! let me wipe your nose."

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