Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Observations

There are two types of people when it comes to approaching a challenging new activity -
1) Those who say "I'm not good at this, so I don't want to do it anymore."
2) And those who say "I want to be good at this, so I'm going to continue to do it until I am."

I am in the latter group, and I think it's the minority of the two.


A co-worker informed me today that he observed a new intern saying grace before eating lunch, so I may want to consider inviting him to join our prayer group (with co-workers) on Thursday mornings.

That got me thinking though - are there any other religions besides Christianity that says grace before eating a meal? If not, then observing someone saying grace in public before a meal could indeed be an easy observation to confirm that someone is a Christian and is probably passionate about their faith.


I played my best basketball game ever on Tuesday. My defense is usually pretty decent, but whenever I took a shot, I just could not miss the basket. I scored more than half of my team's points that game. Hook shot, under the backboard layup, from the outside - all swish!

Of course, I was back to normal (not very good) in the very next game. But at least I got to taste what it felt like to be awesome. And I know the potential is there. Now if I could just duplicate that more often, or perhaps even consistently...

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