Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Inner Engineer

I was working out in the gym at work today, and there were two other guys in there as well. One was telling the other (a new mechanical engineer who I've talked to a couple of times) about his Nike shoes that communicate with his iPod to store his speed and other data when he runs.

The new guy (Justin) replies that he should plot the captured data in an Excel spreadsheet. I couldn't help but laugh and comment aloud about him sounding just like an engineer.

Then my inner engineer kicked into high gear, and I thought about how nice would it be to have a spreadsheet to track various aspects of one's life, just to see how they change over the course of time? You could have a tab in the spreadsheet for biological data (heart rate, blood pressure, weight, fat percentage), exercise information (including type, frequency, intensity, duration), stress levels, sexual statistics (drive, activity), financial status (debt, assets), spirituality (propensity to sin, biggest strengths and weaknesses, time spent with God, time serving God), heck even self-rated general happiness, or whatever.

Who wouldn't want to look at these charts and reflect on the highs and lows of your life, and how they compare to the present day? What do you think?

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