Monday, June 25, 2007

Where Did My Funny Go?

I remember a time in my life when I used to be much funnier. My mind would sometimes come up with absurd perspectives about whatever topic was being discussed - sort of a reactive type humor. I was never stand-up comedian funny, but I definitely had more of a sense of humor and was more fun overall.

But why the change? Now I cringe whenever I make an attempt at humor, because inevitably it will go over like a lead balloon. So is it the audience, or is it me? If it's me, then is it from so much responsibility, whereas my mind is just distracted by all of the requests and requirements being placed upon me on a daily basis. Am I just never fully relaxed enough to let my mind wander to places of absurdity, since I'm constantly bombarded now by so much reality?

Maybe I have had so many moments of regret from the words that I've spoken (without thinking through their potential effect) that I just think too much now before speaking. While that actually sounds good at first (thinking before speaking), perhaps now I don't let my mind and tongue be free enough to just let some comedy roll off.


karin said...

I have a theory on this. You got married. 'Nuff said.

Amanda doesn't agree, and, in her defense, I make exceptions. BUT, as a general rule, I think married people magically become unfunny.

michael said...

In regards to your theory:

1) I was still funny after I got married, it's since the KIDS came around that the problem has really surfaced.

2) Even if it WAS from getting married, then does that mean when prince charming sweeps you off of your feet you're going to tell him "Sorry, I value my sense of humor much more than your promise of commitment"?

3) The title of your blog only recently included the words "used to be funny", so you can stick the married quips up your keyster.

karin said...

See? You're funny again!

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