Friday, June 08, 2007

UFC Stuff

UFC 71 occurred while we were in Oregon for Memorial Day, during which Quinton Jackson beat Chuck Liddell to become the new light-heavyweight champion! It was the first UFC that I have missed in several years and yes, I unsuccessfully checked first to see if any sports bars would be showing it near where we were staying.

I must admit that for a long time I really didn't like Chuck Liddell, mainly because he is such a one-dimensional fighter. He just throws bombs with his fists while standing, even if he is one of the best in the business at it. But the more I read about him, the more I grew to appreciate the man behind the belt. Nevertheless, Quinton Jackson whooped him - twice even - and is a most interesting character himself. While he was previously a ghetto mouthed thug (I knew of him and watched interviews of him back then), he experienced a really strange experience that led him to become a Christian. For more information on Quinton check out the Wikipedia entry about him.

On TUF (The Ultimate Fighter - the UFC's reality show) a couple of weeks ago, two of the fighters got in a personal fist fight while at the house. Afterward, I was a little surprised at Dana White's (president of the UFC) reaction to it, but I also really appreciated and admired it. From Sherdog's review:

This time however, Dana's words seem to sting everyone since when he said "For the last six years I've been busting my f______ ass to prove that this wasn't what this sport was about." He explained that this would have the non-fan thinking what they've always thought, that this sport was full of "a bunch of goons." Dana decides to kick Marlon and Noah off the show and includes Berube as well, since he was the instigator.

I really hope that I will be able to watch UFC72 this Saturday. It's occurring at 8pm in Ireland, which unfortunately equates to noon here in the pacific time zone. Since my in-laws will be here visiting us this weekend, the big question is whether or not I should disappear to the bar for a few hours in the middle of the day to watch it. Who am I kidding, they'll probably be happy to lose me for a little while.


I Eat Dentists said...

I have been seeing more news lately about kids are mimicking UFC in their back-yards and getting hurt and even killed. That isn't good. You can't blame the UFC for kids being stupid, but I still have to question wanton violence on any level. I used to enjoy this to some degree, but as a Christian, I can no longer support this type of violence. Can't they arm-wrestle or something? Boxing is the same, but to a lesser degree.

michael said...

But then again, if you don't blame the UFC for kids being stupid, then why do you even mention it, unless you're trying to make a subtle non-point by subconsciously blaming the UFC? And why not point the finger for real-life violence at action movies or video games too?

Ok, this topic/response is going to be much too lengthy for a simple comment. I think you have inspired a long overdue blog entry on the subject.

michael said...

While I have seen videos of kids foolishly imitating professional wrestling, MMA (which includes the UFC) doesn't involve acrobatics from the top ropes, smashing people with chairs, or similar stage drama where serious injury can occur.

While I can still conceive of kids imitating the UFC in their backyard, I have a hard time believing that it’s a frequent occurrence.

Even if it did occur though, they wouldn’t be doing anything that could cause serious long-term injury like with what would occur when mimicking wrestling.

I'll have much more to say in another blog, but the topic of kids practicing backyard MMA is too small and silly of an issue to include in the big picture.

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