Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I AM the Weakest Link

I occasionally play basketball during lunch on a half-court that is next to my work building. Last week we played two games of 3-on-3. After the team I was on lost the first game, me and another Mike switched teams. Then my new team (you know, the one that had just won the previous game) lost too. I believe that makes me the weakest link (say it with drama like on the game show)! Ugh.

Not only was my playing bad, but I was exhausted, especially after the first game. I tried to come up with excuses, like for starters, it was freakin' hot outside. But there were six of us, so it shouldn't affect me any more than anyone else. Plus, I have less fat to haul around than most of the other guys, and I'm from Florida so I should be plenty used to the heat. So there goes the heat excuse. Maybe I should be drinking Gatorade or some other sports drink to compensate for the sweating.
Today, we played two games of 2-on-2 and the team I was on won both games. Of course, the other team had a girl on it but hey, she was pretty good! I did drink Gatorade this time, and maybe I scored a couple more baskets than last week. It's so easy to improve on pathetic though.

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