Friday, March 23, 2007

Questions About How to Draw Closer

I haven't felt very close to God lately. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I guess I haven't felt much joy, peace, love, etc. in my heart. Thinking about this more led me to the following questions:

What causes me to feel closer to Him? What are the circumstances
in the past that have caused me to feel a greater spiritual presence?

  • After or while in the midst of receiving some kind of blessing? I am already very blessed with health, family, job (a recent raise), etc.
  • When things are more certain so that I don't feel so anxious about the future (job, house, etc)? Possibly, but I have previously felt close to God in other times of uncertainty.
  • When that there is less stress and conflict (with friends and/or family, purchases or business transactions, etc) in my life? There isn't too much right now, no more than usual at least.
  • When I have a greater influx of endorphins due to a greater exercise regimen? Possibly, although I did get a decent workout in on Tuesday.
  • When I'm spending more time with God? Well, in addition to church on Sunday I'm currently participating in a men's group on Tuesday nights and praying with a couple of co-workers on Thursday morning. I've also been praying with Amanda more than usual lately.
The only answer that I can conclude with some degree of confidence is that I'm not spending enough (or any for that matter) personal alone time with God. For example, hanging out with a group of your friends is good fellowship time, but spending one-on-one time with your best friend is an entirely different experience altogether. It's similar to the importance of making the time to date your spouse, even through life's busyness.

So I think I'm going to try to set aside more quality time with God. I have no idea when or how, but I just think it is of the utmost importance in order to gain that closeness that I feel like I have been missing lately.

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