Friday, March 23, 2007

One Persons' ____ is Another Persons' ____

Karin, our friend in Florida, gets super exited about a Chick-Fil-A opening up nearby and really bummed when they close (for remodeling or whatever). Sure Chick-Fil-A is good food, but I really get excited about AUTO ZONE!

Up until recently, I've had to resort to either trying to find what I need at a nearby Kragen Auto Parts or having to drive 7 miles to the nearest Auto Zone, where the staff are generally more knowledgeable, more professional, the store is better organized, they more likely to have the parts I need, have a great rental tool program, and give me a better overall grease monkey shopping experience.

I am happy to say though that an Auto Zone finally opened up nearby, within a mile or so of us! Now when I'm in the middle of a project (like my brakes a couple of weekends ago) I can get there and back in no time, allowing me minimal interruption when I forget about a part or realize that I need to rent a tool that I'm lacking.

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