Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day: Revised, Redundant, Reduced?

My beautiful wife and I have shared 12 Valentines Days together, including this one. In fact, it was on this day in 1995 that we first professed our love for each other, after only 2.5 months of dating.

This holiday though, will be the least celebrated one of our long relationship. No, I don't mean that it's less relevant, just that the circumstances of our lives on this day are the least favorable to doing anything special or extraordinary for it.

Not only is it difficult to go out because of the two kids, but even if we do manage to get a sitter and head out for the evening, it wouldn't be until 8pm at the earliest (after Emily is in bed). And then we are very limited as to what we can eat for dinner due to Amanda's dietary restrictions (due to Emily's allergies).

Next year the kids will be older and Emily no longer will rely on Amanda for nourishment, so perhaps we can make grander plans. But tonight will entail staying at home, taking a romantic bath, eating dark chocolate from Trader Joe's (doesn't contain milk), and drinking bubbly together. It definitely isn't as elaborate as it used to be but as long as I'm with my valentine, I guess it'll do.


karin said...

Taking a romantic bath??!! YOU WROTE THAT ON A BLOG!!!!!!!!

michael said...

Yeah, so you never heard of people taking romantic baths before?

Or maybe you never heard anyone actually say they are planning to take one? Should I be embarrassed (em-bare-assed, heh heh) about it or something?

Or is it just too weird to hear from a guy whose blog title includes the word "Manly"?

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