Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Fluctuations?

In my previous blog about global warming, I wrote about how I was introduced to the idea of global warming through my personal experiences and realizations. I didn't even mention greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, or any other of the many details that are resulting from our consumption and habitation here on planet Earth. Just a simple explanation as to why it makes sense to me from a basic logical and practical perspective.

On the other side of the coin though, Drudge recently linked to an article from a Canadian climatologist, who stated that global warming is a big hoax and gave a lengthy explanation to back up his claim. Neal Boortz (a favorite talk show host of mine - his daily news page is in my link list) has also been saying that global warming is a lie from the onset of the fervor for it, and on 2/2/07 he posted a long list of reasons as to why he believes this.

There are many other recent and convincing links that oppose the idea of man-made global warming as well, including the following:
  • This petition, signed by over 17,000 people in various scientific fields, all opposing the concept of man's actions having a significant negative impact on our climate.
  • This article on 2/10/07 about the cosmic rays of the Sun causing more harm than all of man's efforts.
  • This article on 2/12/07 by MSNBC's George Will, that outlines some of the general climate fluctuations over an extended period of history and also condemns the Kyoto treaty.
  • Thomas Sowell (one of my favorite commentators) wrote an informative three piece article, linked here (part I), here (part II), and here (part III).
So, while I can grasp and agree with the concepts of global warming, I can also understand and have a difficult time disagreeing with the many convincing opinions on the dissenting end of the subject, and more importantly the facts that accompany them. And I definitely disagree with the panic and doomsday scenarios being painted by the advocates of the global warming movement.

So if I can comprehend and agree with both sides of the issue, then am I somehow sitting on both sides of the fence? Either man is causing irreparable harm to the planet and we're all doomed, or it's a big fat farce. So which is it? Well, I think I will actually have to write a part 3 on the topic, which will arrive at the compelling (hopefully, but not likely) conclusion of what my final opinion actually is. Stay tuned!

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running shoes said...

Thank you for writing on the other side of the debate. I love the magnificents that God created, and I feel that we need to take care of what God has given us by doing 'our part'. It's hard to explain my thoughts, but when Adam and Eve sinned it brought down everything that was created including nature. People are corrupt and so is nature/ Earth. So no matter what we 'do' to help (or hurt) the Earth it will never be enough, which is why Christ died for us. But God created and sustains the Earth according to His will and our good. Which makes me believe that Global Warming is a farse. It should be called 'God Warming' as He is in control of it all.

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