Thursday, February 08, 2007

Talking to Angels?

I came across an interesting news story in FARK yesterday about a young girl in San Antonio, who supposedly sees and talks to angels.

While I think it's entirely possible, that doesn't mean that I'm not skeptical either. She does give a little more detail than I would think a whacko could conjure, and isn't she too young to be that insane, especially since they state that she first started seeing them at age 4?

What do you readers think? Does she belong in a loony bin, or do you think there's some validity to her claims?

On a side note, what's up with all of the Virgin of Guadalupe references in the video? Hearing the mother talk about her basically like Jesus is more than a little annoying. It even goes beyond the normal Catholic worshiping of Mary.


running shoes said...

I think that it's possible for people to see angels, but I believe that would be up to God to give that particular gift... not the virgin of guadalupe. I also, feel that if God did give this particular gift, it would be for a limited time. Claiming to see them for 6 years is a lot. Moses, only got a glimpse of God and for a second (if that); not that I'm equating angels with God. It also seems to me that the mother is worshipping the virgin even idolizing (with the pilgrimage). Mary should not be worshipped or be made equal with Jesus (God). Yes, she was a virgin and yes, she was chosen by God to be Jesus' mother. But that's it. That's where it ends. She was not perfect and her death did not wipe out the sins of all mankind.

Kentucky Kate said...

Well put.

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