Sunday, November 12, 2006

What A Difference One More Makes

Today Amanda had a baby shower to attend in the afternoon, as well as time scheduled in the evening to get coffee with another woman from church. In both instances I watched the kids, and both times Emily cried for most of the time with me not able to figure out how to console her. In addition to that, I was trying to deal with Lucas crying because he couldn't sleep (first for a nap, then for the night).

After Amanda got home from her coffee time, I washed the dishes while she nursed Emily. It was at that moment that I recalled how it used to be when there was only Lucas to watch. If Amanda had something that she wanted to do or somewhere to go, I would lean back and say with confidence "Sure, go ahead. I'll be fine. No problem at all. Knock yourself out." I was the master dad, an expert without equals. As soon as Lucas was born, I could handle him all by myself, all day long too if I had to. I just needed his momma to provide the nourishment that only she could.

Now I've had both kids by myself a bit though, and Emily is much more challenging than I remember Lucas being. I also have to be concerned when she's crying that she'll wake Lucas up too. And it's pretty damned tough when they both need you at once. Who do you take care of first? Someone's going to have to be crying, maybe even darned near screaming while you handle the needs of the other child.

The next time Amanda asks if I could watch the kids while she goes off and does whatever, I can picture myself whimpering "don't leave me". It's much, much harder with two kids.


Anonymous said...

To quote the great Bill Cosby, "You're really not a parent until you have more than one kid." Just wait until they're also old enough to fight and compete with one another.

Anonymous said...

You are whinning about one day and not even a full one at that. How do you think Amanda feels!? She does it everyday while you are at work. I know you could argue that she is an expert at it because she has had to adapt, but it doesn't make it any easier.

Quit whinning like a little girlie man.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty, Mike. I somehow felt validated when I finished reading your post. Maybe because you acknowledged how difficult it is to be a 'mom' even if it was for a couple of hours.

michael said...

Yes, I know she does it every day, but but at the very least she has those milk makers. Besides, she whines too :-)

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