Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Consequences for Constantly Complaining?

NOTE: This blog was actually started on November 10.

My daughter can sure be fussy sometimes. Earlier today, she had one of her inconsolable moments. No matter what I did or how I tried to make her happy, she would complain (which varied from angry grunting, to all out crying). Eventually I realized that trying to make her happy wasn't helping, so I'll just put her in her chair and let her cry until she falls asleep. I thought "Why would I want to be with you or hold you when all you do is complain? I can just put you down and leave you alone. Your pissy attitude doesn't change either way, but my life is a little easier through the act of separating myself from you."

OK, this may be a stretch, but could God ever feel that way about me? Especially when there are pressing problems that have yet to be resolved, I can definitely be a compulsive and/or continuous complainer. I have so many blessings and God has so obviously been present in my life and has answered so many of my prayers. Even still though, my tendency when communicating with God is mostly to complain, make requests, or to express dissatisfaction. In other words, often times my attitude really sucks, especially when things aren't necessarily going great.

I know God is perfect, and therefore infinitely more patient than myself. But if all I do is complain no matter what He does for me or gives me, will He be less desiring of my company and/or less likely to help me out or answer my prayers in the future? I can't really think of any Bible verses to either support or refute the idea, but from my meager human perspective, it doesn't sound illogical or totally unreasonable.

I want to have a good attitude and be appreciative to God for the many blessings I have been given, not dwell on and whine about the things that I don't have. Sure I have problems and things to complain and moan about, but I live a pretty damned good life by most of the world's standards.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't ask for anything either. I would just like to improve my attitude and be content as Paul was, in all circumstances.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh...parenting and the attitudes changing...that has been one of the biggest realizations I have come up with in this new venture...even so much that my prayers are changing...not only with what needs to happen between me and God...but also, instead of "Please help Holden to sleep longer" to "Please allow me to have the right attitude when Holden wakes up in the middle of the night"

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