Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There is a website that I really like called The Chive.  Admittedly, its primary purpose is mindless entertainment, with posts containing pictures associated with a particular theme.  It's a great site - the layout is simple and well organized, and the themed posts range from entertaining, comedic, occasionally informative, and even sometimes promoting good causes (raising money for them too). Unfortunately, there are also numerous posts centered around physical female features, which I mostly try to stay away from.

There is one peculiarity about it though that brings me to the point of this blog (no, it's not to promote their web site).  Their self-promotional slogan is to "Keep Calm and Chive On", or KCCO.  They sell various merchandise with this slogan (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc), and people who frequent the site even call themselves "Chivers" and encourage each other to "Chive On".  It almost seems like the hard-core fans of this site get so engrossed in it that they not only seek to make it a "community", but I would venture to say it borders on becoming a religion.

For example, a Chive picture that someone could submit to the site (and then they would post) might say "I got hit by a monster truck and am barely hanging on to life by a thread. But I KCCO'd!".  So let me get this straight - you survived your life threatening ordeal by... surfing a web site. You're alive today and happy because you (again) looked at many, many posts of various pictures.  Or, for the picture below - you thought you might fall and hurt yourself, but you concentrated on a website full of pictures, and that helped you to find the courage and physical skill you needed.  REALLY?!?

Now, I know that not everyone believes in God, and those people sometimes have to find inspiration and courage from somewhere, so why not pick a fun web site I guess.  But for me, and hopefully other Christians too, the obvious alternative (and significantly improved) acronym for life inspiration is to Keep Calm and Pray On.  At least then you're pursuing spiritual peace, inspiration, and possibly even heavenly assistance to get you through your day/ordeal.  Heck, even if you don't believe in God, isn't focusing on something spiritual still better than giving credit/glory to a website that posts random pictures?


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CatholicMom said...

KCPO! I like the slogan!

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