Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tired, Sore, Bruised, but Very Happy!

I went to Marinobles tonight for 1 hour of kickboxing class (with sparring), followed by 1 hour of MMA training (also with sparring).

I learned how to pass someone's guard and transition into an armbar, and also how to prevent someone from passing my guard.

I practiced leg sweeps and several different kicks, as well as several punches, both to the body and head. Sparred (max 75% power) with a range of people, from an 11 year old boy and a small Asian woman, to numerous men of various ages and sizes.

Took down a jiu jitsu guy a couple of times after controlling the striking, but then he guillotine choked me both times:-(

And at the end of the night, only me and a teenager were still following the instructor's orders at full speed. And I don't remember seeing him in the kickboxing class either.

And to top it all off I received several compliments on my "Jesus Didn't Tap" t-shirt. It was a good night!

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