Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Kick in the World Cup

I want to root for my country, especially in a competition as worldwide as The World Cup. But I'm sorry, the only sport that is more boring to watch than soccer/football is golf.

Not only is it boring, but I simply refuse to support a sport where acting like a freaking sissy is not only not penalized, but even advocated. Watching these dill weeds fly to the ground while holding their faces when no one even touched them is downright sickening. Then, if the other guy doesn't fall to the ground and writhe in pain too then the ref will likely give him a penalty card.

I will venture to say that this may be the only sport I can think of where the professional women players appear to be tougher than the men.

I really WANT to get over it and participate in the cheering though. Somebody please convince me.

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