Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pet Peeves

  • Computer keyboards with the little legs in the back propped up. How is it more comfortable or healthy to type with your hands in an upright position? Try this - place your arms in the normal 90 degree typing position - now lift just your hands as high as you can and try maneuvering your fingers as if you are typing. Ok, now place your hands level so that they are in line with your arms and pretend you are typing again. Now why on Earth would anyone prefer to have their keyboard angled up using the little legs in the back?
  • DVRs. Digital Video Recorders (Tivo is probably the most common) - I know they're wildly popular, and I definitely see the advantages, especially since you can avoid watching the commercials on TV shows. But I wonder how much more TV on average that people watch once they get a DVR. Everyone that I have talked to watches a significantly larger amount. Which would make it one of the greatest and yet one of the most evil inventions since, well, since the TV.

    Can anyone/everyone who has a DVR please either confirm or deny this?

  • Speaking of TV - SAY IT AIN'T SO! Mad TV is canceled!? That really stinks, since it's one of only two shows that I really enjoy watching, the other being The Office. (not really a pet peeve, just a disappointment).

  • Churches that make up their own dumb religion, such as this one - The Madonna of Orgasm Church is on it's way to official recognition in Sweden. Here's a quote from the founder “The orgasm is God, the orgasm should be worshiped”


Kelli said...

We have had a DVR for about year now. Actually, now I can watch less TV...I only watch the shows I am really interested in. Plus, if it isn't acceptable for little ears (even if they're in another room, they can hear the TV) I can save it for later. Plus, the kids things (vegitales and holiday cartoons coming up) I can record and have them watch w/out the commercials aimed at kids. Not only all of those things, but if there is something on that Stephen wants to watch, and I need help w/ the kids...then he can press record and just come back to it.
I didn't think that it would be this good, really. We aren't big TV people, but the advantages outweigh the negatives....there are my two cents!

michael said...

Good input Kelli. Thanks.

Brandi H. said...

Hi Mike,
First, I wanted to say congratulations on the expansion of your family. There seems to be a great rescemblance of L & E, at least in pictures. BTW, they are adorable.

I would have to second the first comment regarding the DVR topic. There really are only a couple of shows, (one being, "The Office") that we really like. It's so nice to record it and watch it if and when we want. The buffering feature is a great quality to have to make it easy to stop a live show whenever you're interrupted (I have 3 interruptions ages 4, 7 & 12) or, as specified in the first comment, you simply don't want your children to hear/see the show you're watching. I don't find we're watching any more shows than we normally would (frankly, because we think many shows are kind of sucky) without a DVR. And the ease and convenience of a DVR so beat the old school VCR taping, hands-
down. We have a bundle with Surewest and have been recieving DVR free for nearly a near. Surewest will not begin charging customers $10 per month until they get the bugs worked out of the system. Speaking of which, having to sometimes deal with these "bugs" can be an ache in the butt.

michael said...

Thanks Brandi, for the congratulations and compliment as well as the good input about DVRs.

Maybe I'll call SureWest (we already have cable, phone, and internet with them) and see if I can get a DVR for free too.

Kentucky Kate said...

That's a good thought - I hadn't considered it much. I don't think we watch any more tv, but only because we don't have a satelite or cable. We can record network tv, but that's it. I know for sure I would have the tv on all the time if we had one of those things. As it is, I record The Office, Biggest Loser and the Simpsons and I watched all of those before the DVR.

Although, I will admit that it used to be that if I had plans, I would just miss the show. Now I can catch up on it if I miss it, so I guess I do end up watching a little more.

I Eat Dentists said...

I think this is echoing the other inputs, but Katrina and I watch about the same. The advantage now are many:

1. We can watch an hour show in about 45 minutes.
2. We never miss our favorite shows. The total shows we watch are the same.
3. We are now watching TV on our schedule, not somebody elses schedule.
4. I never miss something cool, like "Engineering an Empire", or just one time shows that sound cool. I don't watch most of what I record, but if I have some time, I get to watch something I want to watch.

Over all, it has not increased our TV watching, but has signficantly enhanced the experience. In fact, I would have a very hard time going without now.

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