Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, we have finally sold our 2001 Ford Escape.

The selling process has been a long and annoying one. Long because we have been trying to sell either one of our two pre-minivan vehicles (whichever comes first) since July/August (when we bought our minivan). And annoying because of the flaky potential buyers that you come across on CraigsList.

Most of them can be categorized as low-ballers, asking $1000 or more below your listed price. We had an offer of $3600 when we were selling my Z for $6100. We had a $5000 offer on our Escape when we were selling it for over $7000. We have had numerous emails and phone calls that ask the following incredibly annoying question - "How low are you willing to go?"

If I tell you the answer, then I've just given away my hand, jerk off! Just make an offer and I'll either reject it, counter it, or accept it! That's how the buying/selling process works - at least as far as most normal people are concerned.

Now we are still considering selling my 300ZX as well, and I would either have to rely on car pooling, or the bus and my bike to get to work. There are many inconvieniences associated with this idea, but it's the only way that we can forsee in the nearby future to pay off both our credit card debt and the loan that we took out for the purchase of our Honda Odyssey.

Amanda with the Escape, soon after purchasing it in 2004.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Who is that hot babe with the gut draped over the car?;-)

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