Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Touch of Irony

In case you haven't heard in the news, supermodel Christie Brinkley is currently in the midst of an ugly divorce with her husband, due to his infidelity with an 18 year old girl.

Does anyone else find it ironic that a woman who has made her long-lived career causing other men to lust after her is now the victim of lust herself?

Granted, she didn't pose for playboy or bare all. And I doubt that her pictures and poses directly caused men to stray from their wives or leave their families. But Sports Illustrated is a widely distributed publication, viewed by (according to Wikipedia) 18 million men. I can remember seeing the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues highlighting herself and Kathy Ireland and feeling that loathsome and almost painful longing of a teenage boy/man with too many hormones already.

In numerous quotes, Miss Brinkley has expressed her surprise that her husband had the poor judgment to look at porn, and that he sacrificed his family's trust to sexually pursue his lust for this other girl (who can barely even be called a woman). How a woman who makes her living by doing her best to incite lust have such little understanding of the struggles with lust that men face?

And when has lust involved any kind of rational decision making? From a worldly perspective, it's simply a physical desire caused by hormones. From a Christian perspective, it's a spiritual issue of temptation in an attempt to break up families and lead men to worship something (flesh) other than the Living God.

I'm not attempting to justify the actions of her husband by any means, and I don't wish miss Brinkley the pain that she is publicly enduring with her divorce. I'm just surprised that a woman whose image was purchased and hungrily drooled over by so many men for so many years is adamantly expressing so little understanding of her husband's actions. And observing the irony of it all.


Kelli K Bock said...

well that was insightful, i must say...kudos

I Eat Dentists said...

Yeah man, that was quite the deep observation mr. manly. Speaking of, you have sort of removed the whole manly mike thing. I think you need a post on "why I removed the whole manly mike thing from my blog".

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