Friday, February 15, 2008

"It's A Manufactured Holiday"

If I hear that one more time I'm going to slap the man who said it.

Yes, Valentines Day stresses me out too and yes, I get frustrated because of the high expectations (by my wife or that I place on myself?). It takes work and planning and effort to execute properly, or at least to prevent it from being a big disappointment. And that's all a big pain in the ass. In fact, I am still frustrated because there are additional things that I was hoping to do yesterday that I wasn't able to finish.

But damnit, men need Valentines Day, especially the ones that complain that "It's a manufactured holiday" (spoken in a whiny little girl voice). Because we need to be reminded how important it is to women for us to do romantic things. We need it also to remember how good it feels to us when we do those things. And when/if we actually are successful at making our wives feel special and loved, then it's great to experience the difference that it makes in your relationship.

I've also heard several men say that their wives don't really care and told them not to get anything, etc. But seriously, even if that's remotely true (which I doubt), then would it not make them even happier still to put some effort into being romantic? In other words, just because she doesn't need it doesn't mean she wouldn't like it.

So quit your whining, get off of your ass and get out there and make your wives happy, even if it is just for one measly day of the year!


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Good blog and reminder to people that even if v-day is a "Halmark holiday" it is great to have an excuse to make people feel loved and special.

Anonymous said...

I'm on your side, really. However, I think for me, anyways, it's about the quality of time put in rather than racking up the credit card balance. I think some guys feel pressure to buy a $100. bouquet of flowers or a $1,000. pair of earrings or they are a flat out heel. I think more than anything, I have a great disdain for the ladies out there that expect jewelry store items or other expensive things for V-day. Special time with a loved one should have more sentimental meaning than anything money, or in our society I should say credit cards, can buy. BTW, I am a woman.

Kentucky Kate said...

Amen!!! :) My husband gave me and each of my girls a rose and I was so surprised. I really wouldn't have cared if he didn't do anything, but you're right - it was so much fun. Also, the pic is a sad sad reminder that I miss the Office. When is it coming back?

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