Friday, September 21, 2007

As Much As I Miss My Family...

I periodically have conversations with my family in Orlando that contain statements like this from them: "So if you end up back here someday.", or "I heard your company has a location in the area.". Sometimes it's a simple "We sure missed you on _____ (insert holiday here)." But even the suggestion of moving back to Florida makes me cringe, and my instinctive response is to scream "NEVER!" at the top of my lungs.

But why? I was raised there and lived there for 30 years! It's my old stomping ground that I have so many memories from. My wonderful family is still there too, not to mention plenty of friends that I still care about. I shouldn't feel like this, should I?

I must admit that before I received the job offer to move out here to Northern California, I never thought that I would leave Florida, nor did I ever want to leave it. I have always stated that what makes life great isn't the area that you live in, but the people that you share your life with. I was wrong, kinda - it's both. But which one is more important?

Amanda and I have been here for just over three years now. I can make a pretty long list as to why I much prefer life here in Northern California over Central Florida (maybe I'll make that another blog post someday). On the other hand though, family is so very important. I wish my children would know their aunt, uncles, cousins, and grandmere better. In fact it grieves me sometimes that they don't. It would certainly be helpful for us to have all of these people that I love and trust to watch our kids once in a while.

But we would probably only see my family once or twice a month. And then it would be just for an evening or a day at most. Even the friends we had back home were starting to scatter about town and even about the country. The ones that were still there we would also probably see only once or twice a month, especially since having kids seems to significantly reduce your social life.

So for every other minute of our lives, which drastically outnumbers the time with family and friends, we would be tremendously happier here. And that is why we have no plans or desire to ever move back to Orlando, unless of course God works in a mighty way to persuade us otherwise. And even then we would probably be kicking and screaming the whole way back.


Susan said...

Strange. I feel the same way about moving back to Orlando. When I moved from Orlando I thought it was the worst day of my life, but after living in KC for the past 8 almost 9 years. I never want to move back to Orlando. Sure I still have friends their and of course my adorable nieces (whom I miss dearly) BUT I never want to move back. I came to that realization on on my 3rd visit back to Orlando. I think it was after my 2nd year in KC.

Although, I am not convinced yet that KC is where I want to retire. I know that it is definately not Orlando.

However, in the end I know I would be happy whereever I live as long as I have God and my husband by my side. It is like Amanda said, "Bloom where you are planted."

michael said...

You guys ought to come out and visit us sometime here in NorCal.

Anonymous said...

Your blog did make me tear up a bit. I guess I understand as it sounds like the same reason that we are in Florida away from Ohio and Daniel's family. We'll never move back up there as much as we love them. We just like being warm too much. Still it does kill me to have you so far away. I miss you and Mandy and the kiddos and the thought of you never moving back makes me cry... so instead I'll just think about seeing you guys at Christmas time and trying to get us a trip out there sometime. While it hurts my heart, I do understand.


running shoes said...

Hum... great post. Being a fellow Floridian, I appreciate your honesty. I miss my family and close friends too, and even feel convicted that my children should be able to grow up the way I did with a close knit family.
I'm always excited to go back and visit, but I'd rather have wide open spaces and nature as opposed to concrete, traffic, & parking lots. Not to say that I LOVE where I am now...'cuz lets face it, where I am now is pretty much the punch line of every joke... and for good reason :0)

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