Monday, August 06, 2007

Prayer Campaign

In a previous blog, I mentioned and made a link to the website called Parents Behaving Badly. I can honestly say that in all of the years that I have been surfing the internet, I have never come across a single site that stirs my emotions more than that one.

I boil with anger and frustration for parents being so stupid, unconcerned, brutal or just plain evil. Then I simultaneously feel intense sorrow, sadness, sympathy, and care for the children that have no choice but to suffer at the hands of these foolish and/or violent S.O.B.s.

So, recently I have decided to make it a point to go to this website on a regular basis and pray for each of the individual articles. My prayers are for divine guidance and eventual salvation of the parents, and for healing and protection of the children (that haven't perished yet).


Kentucky Kate said...

Well, from your description I don't think I can go to the website at all. Those sorts of stories send me into a sobbing depression. Eric forbids me to watch local news. Although I plan to adopt or become a foster parent someday because of them.

I Eat Dentists said...

That is really cool Mike. Definitely an excellent cause for prayer. Hope you are well.

I Eat Dentists said...

in case you miss it, I posted a response to your response to my response about your post below ;)

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