Friday, August 24, 2007

Inappropriate, Unsanitary, or Just a Personal Peeve?

For some reason, I have always found it annoying and a little gross when people cut their nails in public places.

This realization became evident when I would periodically see men in the locker room at Bally's gym, sitting there on the bench and cutting their toe nails, letting their clipped fragments fall to the tile floor.

In my workplace, over the cubicle walls I occasionally hear nail clippers taking care of their business. It even comes from different directions, so obviously numerous individuals think that this is acceptable. Granted, I'm sure they aren't clipping their toe nails, but for some reason it still strikes me as something that should be done in the privacy of one's own home or bathroom.

Giving it further thought, I think it would also annoy me if someone were using an electric shaver on their face while in their cubicle too. Or flossing their teeth. Maybe all things that entail personal preening in public annoy me. Or maybe it's any personal preening that drops pieces of that person in a public area.

Am I just unreasonably phobic about this, or is it a valid annoyance?

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running shoes said...

I too find this behavior atrocious! I think it is absolutely horrifying to see someone with dental floss hanging out of their mouths in public... and then they look at the floss. Same goes for the fingernail/ toenails. No one wants to see a wad of toe crud fly to the floor. Sick I tell you.

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