Monday, July 16, 2007

Feeling Lucky at Lowes

This weekend I was walking around Lowe's with my 2-year old son in tow. I looked back at this little person following close behind me and realized for a moment what an incredible responsibility that I have as a parent. This little person would have absolutely nothing without me. No shelter, no food, no protection, none of the many things I'm teaching him, no life even.

This realization wasn't a source of pride or boastfulness in any way though. I just feel honestly and incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and joy. To look at this little boy and realize that he depends on me so heavily, and to see him happy and not scared or worried about these things that I am supposed to be providing for him. I guess I'm just very grateful a) for having children to take care of, b) for having the means to take care of and provide for them (material and otherwise), and c) for the joy of watching and participating in their growing and learning.

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

I feel really lucky and blessed, too. To have them and you!

I see that you labeled this post. Are you going to start having them all grouped and searchable on their subjects?

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