Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Before I Die...

...there are a few things that I would like to do, and just today I added a new one.
  1. Travel overseas (I have never been outside the continental U.S.) - preferably Italy.
  2. Attend a live Ultimate Fighting Championship event.
  3. Hang glide.
  4. Obtain a pilot's license.
  5. Obtain a black belt in martial arts (not sure which style yet).
  6. Participate in a Dream Car Tour (just added today).

Things on my list that I have already accomplished:
  1. Bungee jumped.
  2. Sky dove.
  3. Obtained a Master's degree.
  4. Read the whole Bible.
  5. Got married.
  6. Have children.
  7. Living somewhere other than where I grew up (OK, this wasn't on my list before I moved, but now that I'm elsewhere I think that it should have been on the list).

1 comment:

Amanda Lomonaco said...

So is that dream car tour a birthday present hint? Can I come, too?!

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