Saturday, May 12, 2007

Attitude Adjustment (Unanswered Prayers, pt 3)

Well, we finally sold our old house last Friday (5/4/07)! For almost the last eight months though, I have been wrestling with the lack of an answer to our prayers for this. It sounds like a silly thing to wrestle with, but the potential consequences were financially disastrous. Ugly words like foreclosure and bankruptcy were beginning to surface.

While we knew we were taking a risk in this house endeavor, we felt we had God's blessings on it, especially since He seemed to answer our prayers when all of the necessary pieces fell into place for purchasing and moving into our new house. After paying both mortgages for a few months though, we began to question our decision, and more importantly to wonder if we were mistaken with what we perceived to be God's direction. And if were not mistaken, then why would we be led here only to be allowed to fail through circumstances beyond our control?

A few months ago, I decided to go through a three day juice fast about it. At the end of the fast, a phrase popped into my mind that really helped to turn around my attitude for a while. It wasn't an audible voice, but it did clearly pop into my head out of nowhere, as if a voice had spoken. It simply said "It's an adventure!"

It's the challenges in life that make it exciting, even though I may not understand or appreciate the purpose behind them. How boring would life be if it was always predictable, if there were no struggles to overcome and everything you wanted was just given to you.? How would you learn and how would you grow if all of your prayers were instantly answered?

Of course, I would never purposefully choose these challenges intentionally, but I hope to remember the words that popped into my head and to retain this attitude (although I'm admittedly skeptical) the next time I'm in the midst of another difficult circumstance(s).

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Great post and wonderful message you shared. I am so happy for you and amanda and share in your joy of an answered prayer (though you certainly waited a while for it).

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